Conference Agenda (all times listed in: Bangkok GMT+7)

This agenda will continue to be updated with more details.

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Day 1

10 Nov '20

All times listed in Bangkok GMT+7

Morning Session

08.45-09.00 | Welcome remarks

Steven G. Olive, USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA)


09.00-10.30 | Opening plenary "Evidence2Action: Our Collective Stories, Research, and Impact"

Chris Moore, USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia  

Mony Lim, ADHOC

Genevieve Taft-Vazquez, The Coca-Cola Company


10.30-10.45 | Networking break


10.45-12.00 | Panel session "Perspectives on Seafood Slavery"


Chair and opening: 

Bec Strating, La Trobe University 


Jong Chul Kim, Advocates for Public Interest Law 

Patricia Kailola, Pacific Dialogues 

Bobi Anwar Ma-arif, Serikat Buruh Migran Indonesia 


Facilitators and closing 

Sallie Yea, La Trobe University 

Wayne Palmer, Monash University 

Christina Stringer, University of Auckland 

Sunil Rao, La Trobe University 

Afternoon Session


14.00-15.00 | Panel Session Panel A: "Sensitive Research and Data Collection: Learning Across Different Sectors (HIV/AIDS, LGBTQi, sex work)"

Galen Englund, Love Frankie   
Diastika Rahwidiati, Love Frankie 

Mike Wilson, Love Frankie 
Parinda (Ploy) Khongkhachan, Love Frankie 


14.00-15.00 | Panel Session Panel B: "Gender-based Violence in Migrant Communities"


Nodira Saidkarimova, Winrock International 


Shirin Rashidova,  NGO Nihol 

Nina Kosyuk, Damytu Public Fund 

Nazifa Kamalova, NGO Istiqlol Avlodi

15.30-16.30 | Fireside Chat “The Gender Dynamics of Human Trafficking: a study in Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand” 


Gaelle Demolis, UN Women

Sara Piazzano, USAID Asia CTIP

Evening Session

20.00-21.00 | Panel Session “Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Strategy” 

Dina Scippa, Winrock International​ 

Kusalin (Yui) Kongnamkob, USAID Thailand CTIP 
Froniga Greig, GESI Specialist Independent Consultant 


21.00-22.00 | Panel Session “Big Data”



Tricia Ryan, Winrock International

Davina Durgana, Minderoo Foundation
Xinyi Duan, Liberty Shared

Gregory E. van der Vink, Novametrics

22:00 - 23:00 | Panel Session Panel A “Assessing vulnerability to forced labor and human trafficking: recent advances in improving measurement validity”


Lauren Damme, Chief Evaluation Office, U.S. Department of Labor



Dr Sheldon Zhang, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Dr Michaelle de Cock, International Labour Organisation

Dr Davina Durgana, Global Slavery Index of Walk Free

Dr Matthew Kammer-Kerwick, Bureau of Business Research, IC² Institute

22:15-23:15 | Panel Session "Effectiveness of Counter-trafficking Interventions"



Gergana Danailova-Trainor, U.S. Government Accountability Office 



Ms Leslie Holen, U.S. Government Accountability Office 

Maria Psara, U.S. Government Accountability Office 

Dr Fabrizio Sarrica, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 

Day 2

11 Nov '20

All times listed in Bangkok GMT+7

Morning Session

09.00-10.00 | Panel Session “Identifying and Addressing Forced Labor in Supply Chains”



Steve Brunn, Winrock International  


Declan Croucher, Verité

Savitri Restrepo, ELEVATE

Maximilian Pottler, International Organization for Migration  

10.00-11.00 | Panel Session "Leveraging technology in private sector initiatives: Innovative solutions, practices, and research methodologies"


Xin Yi Cheow, USAID Asia CTIP



Hannah Thinyane, United Nations University

Sung In Marshall, ELEVATE

Vera Belazelkoska, Ulula

11.00-12.00 | Panel Session “Trafficking in Persons Prosecution, Data Questions &. Research”


Archana Kotecha, The Remedy Project



Mark Taylor, Anti-Human Trafficking Expert

Darlene Pajarito, ASEAN-ACT

Andrew Wasuwongse, International Justice Mission

Afternoon Session

14.30-16.00 | Working Session “Building a More Engaged Workforce with Technology”

Araya Poomsaringkarn, USAID Asia CTIP 

Pradeep Paul, Labor Solutions

Bijie Li, Head of Client Advisory Services, Labor Solutions

Evening Session


20.00-21.30 | Working Session "Cultural and Logistical Barriers to Research and Dissemination"

Juliana Semione, University of Nottingham

Day 3

12 Nov '20

All times listed in Bangkok GMT+7

Morning Session 

09.00-09.30 | Virtual Coffee & Networking


09.00-10.00 | Panel Session "Systemic Causes and Disincentivizing Risk: Thinking Beyond Traditional Approaches”

Michaelle Tauson, USAID Asia CTIP

Kelly Gleason, International Labour Organization

Benjanim Harkins, UNOPS-Myanmar
Jessie Brunner, Stanford Human Trafficking Data Lab 

09.30-10:30 | Panel Session "Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC): Experiences in Asia"

Worapon Rattanawarawong, USAID Thailand CTIP


Sarah Zendel, University of California, Berkeley
Tara McDermott, International Organization for Migration

Daniel Lindgren, Rapid Asia


Afternoon Session

14.00-15.00 | Working Session “Barriers to Evidence Uptake - Civil Society Organization perspectives”

Sara Piazzano, USAID Asia CTIP


Sokchar Mom, Legal Support for Women and Children (Cambodia)

Xoukiet Panyanouvong, USAID Laos CTIP

Maia Mounsher, Urban Light

Zinat Rahman, USAID B-CTIP, Bangladesh

Balmukund Humagain, USAID Hamro Saman Project - Nepal

Meerim Bolotbaeva, USAID Safe Migration in Central Asia Project

April Marie Antenor, Advocates for the Prevention and Protection Against Abuse and Exploitation of Children (APPROACH) Consortium, Philippines

15.00-16.00 | Panel Session “Referral Mechanisms & Victim Identification: Overcoming Barriers” 

Nathalie Hanley, International Organization for Migration


Archemides Siguan, ASEAN-ACT 
H.E. Chou Bun Eng, Secretary of State of Ministry of Interior of Cambodia and Permanent Vice Chair of National Committee for Countering Trafficking in Person
Nurzhan Tolegabylova, El Agartuu 

Evening Session

20.00-21.00 | Panel Session "Rethinking Reintegration"

Zain Mahmood, USAID Asia CTIP


Dipta Rakshit, Ashshash Project, Winrock International
Eric Kasper, Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex
Aakash Gautam, Virginia Tech

21.00-22.00 | Main key takeaways and Next steps: Winrock International and USAID