USAID Asia Counter Trafficking In Persons Evidence Conference:

From Evidence To Action

December 1 - 2, 2021

Virtual Summit

Hosted by Winrock International


Photo by Luke Duggleby for USAID Thailand CTIP

The goal of the USAID Asia CTIP-organized conferences is not only to share research findings and methods to contribute to the ever-growing evidence base, but also to continue to share how research findings can be used to instruct the work of civil society organizations, the private sector, and national and local governments.

This year’s Evidence2Action is a collaborative two-day online conference hosted by USAID Asia CTIP, a regional USAID-funded counter-trafficking project based in Bangkok, Thailand, with support from Winrock International and USAID.


The Evidence2Action conference is open to all sectors involved in anti-human trafficking, such as non-government organizations, academia, the private sector and government.


Sessions will include closer looks at “Migrant Voices: How Do We Capture the Experiences of Those who Matter Most?” and “Beyond the Buzzwords: Grappling with Inclusion in TiP programming”, as well as a presentation from USAID on the integration of approaches to counter TIP across sectors such as: democracy, human rights and governance; education; the prevention of conflict and violence; economic growth; and humanitarian assistance.   


A follow-on to the first Evidence2Action summit hosted in 2020, the 2021 conference will  

  • Continue to deepen multi-sector learning and partnerships to improve industry responses to the issues of human trafficking in Asia; 

  • Highlight key research and adapt it to local contexts; 

  • Connect stakeholders, industries and contexts for impactful collaborative action; 

  • Serve as a supportive space to openly discuss trends and changes in the last two years in the region; 

  • Identify organizations, nodes and contexts for collaborative action

The conference will raise awareness of recent research; discuss the value of this approach as a method of combatting TIP; provide organisations and individuals with knowledge of effective tools; and offer guidance on how to implement such tools.  

Conference Thematic Areas: 

  • Cross-border cooperation

  • What recent research on TiP in Asia can CSOs across the region use to strengthen their work?

  • How can we facilitate better dissemination of actionable research? What barriers to adoption still exist, and how can stakeholders overcome them?  

  • What does the concept of vulnerability in CTIP really mean, and how can we measure something that is so difficult to define?   

  • How can we excavate the most applicable portions of research in the TIP sector and turn them into practical ways to do innovative work at the local level?  

  • Inclusion in TiP programming – what does this mean, beyond the buzzwords?  



In order of sessions. More speakers are to be added.