USAID Asia Counter Trafficking In Persons Evidence Summit:

From Evidence To Action

November 10 - 12, 2020

Curated Pre-Summit events will be hosted throughout October and November 2020 for participants. 


Virtual Summit - taking place on Microsoft Teams and Zoom hosted by Winrock International


The goal of the USAID Asia CTIP-organized forum is not only to share research findings and methods to contribute to the ever-growing evidence base, but also to share how research findings can be used to instruct the work of civil society organizations, the private sector, and national and local governments.

This conference aims to address important questions, including:

How can our research findings be applied to the day-to-day response of civil society to improve the lives of survivors of trafficking in persons?

What are the barriers for research uptake in civil society, private sector, and government agencies and how can we overcome these obstacles?

Conference Thematic Areas: 

  • COVID-19: Emerging CTIP trends research, and practical methods

  • Cross-border cooperation

  • Emerging practical challenge

  • Evidence and change: effects of research on programs and agendas

  • Innovative solutions, practices and research methods in Asia and the Pacific

  • Interventions: cost-effectiveness, impact, and misplaced efforts

  • Reintegration of victims into society

  • Victim identification



In order of sessions. More speakers are to be added.